Ericsson snaps up NodePrime for SDI acceleration

Ericsson has announced the total acquisition of data centre management platform NodePrime in a bit to drive its software defined networking and infrastructure capabilities.

The vendor claims NodePrime’s platform is the only available infrastructure management platform which can support the command and control of all components required in today’s data centre. By having the ability to automatically detect and configure new hardware platforms, Ericsson says data centres can easily make the leap to hyperscale and adopt distributed infrastructure.

According to NodePrime, its platform serves as the “brain” of the SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure), and helps service providers make decisions based on informative data analysis about how to procure, scale and create their tailored infrastructure.

NodePrime will be fully acquired by Ericsson, for an undisclosed price, and the entire team will fall under Ericsson’s business unit for cloud & IP. NodePrime founder, James Malachowski, says its original mission objective is getting closer to realisation through the deal with Ericsson.

“Our vision from the start was to transform the infrastructure into a single entity where it’s entirely possible to grasp the management of hyperscale data centre infrastructure through the collection of trillions of associated metrics inside one view,” he said. “Now being part of Ericsson, we further strengthen and expand Ericsson’s position as an industry leader in next-generation software-defined data centres. Together we are creating a massive power shift for enterprises to make decisions on their own terms and scale with precision at the speed at which businesses need to respond today.

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