5G partnership of the day – Huawei and BT

BT and Huawei continue their Anglo-Chinese bromance with a romantic new 5G partnership.

The two companies have a long history of working together but 5G seems to have given them the opportunity to publicly renew their vows. The partnership itself seems to be a pretty standard affair, with the usual lofty but ill-defined ambition to ‘lead the global development of 5G mobile technologies’.

Such specifics as there are concern the technical and commercial feasibility of deploying 5G technologies, as well as a buzzword check-list including New Radio, network slicing and IoT. Much of this 5G collaborative goodness will take place at the BT labs in Ipswich, and both companies were keen to celebrate the special moment with generic canned quotes.

“We are determined to maximise the potential of 5G for our customers, so collaborative research has a key role to play as the technology develops,” said BT CEO Gavin Patterson. “This partnership with Huawei will see us explore the potential uses and make sure 5G is designed to meet the needs of our consumer and business customers throughout the world.”

“We are very proud of our work with BT over the last eleven years,” said rotating Huawei CEO Ken Hu. “We have conducted joint research and development activities which have led to new products and solutions and with 5G we look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership. Together we can explore the potential of 5G networks and analyze how this vital technology can best be delivered.”

The two companies joined forces to make beautiful optical music earlier this year and, with certain regions such as the US denied to Huawei, the company is presumably keen to cement its relationship with the UK’s dominant fixed and mobile operator.

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