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‘At-Home’ wireless expectations: how does this impact higher education?

Expectations are set high for wireless connectivity, everywhere, and this filters into every corner of our lifestyles, including into higher education. When the lights go out and there’s “nobody home”, educational institutions can be facing unforgiving students and parents who expect the best from the system they’re paying for.

Towards a new normal

In a world where reputation can be made or broken with a single Twitter post, the index has become an important indicator not only of the quality of customer service, but also serves as a wider barometer for a brand’s overall standing in the eyes of consumers.

Shrugging off the bugs: exploring consumer complacency

I have often been described as a seasoned or veteran engineer – well, I mean, in terms of software engineering and all things wireless and telecommunications, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why the board needs to look again at cyber security

The telecoms industry has had a long relationship with cyber security. Many operators not only practice cyber security within their own organisations, protecting critical data and national infrastructure, but many also supply cyber services to other firms.

How can network operators monetise television quickly and effectively?

The quad play logic is simple – customers want to buy services from a single service provider and service providers will save costs by billing one customer for multiple services. With TV, mobile, broadband and fixed – line services in one place and at one cost, why switch?

Setting the Standard for Global Smart City Deployments

There are very few use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) that capture the imaginations of vendors, service providers and users like smart cities. The ability to bring together multiple applications within a relatively confined area to drive new levels of connectedness and convenience always generates excitement.

Data, data everywhere and not a minute to think took some time to speak to Elle Todd and Rob Bratby from law firm Olswang to understand the implications of Safe Harbour, the EU-US Privacy Shield and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Why VoLTE can lead to smartphone enabled fraud

VoLTE is perceived as the next step in the evolution of the third generation partnership project (3GPP). However, when looking to deploy VoLTE networks, there are important fraud considerations that mobile operators must address to ensure they are adequately equipped to deal with the associated risks.

The Smart home: Is this is as good as it gets?

The smart or connected home is a notion that has been bouncing around in our noggins since the 1960s according to a former, yet more mature and shall remain unnamed colleague, who can remember such times, as a young adult.

Brexit came, Brexit went and it was all a bit dramatic

It’s all we talked about for weeks, at least in UK, and for the most part its now business as usual. The build-up to the referendum was highly publicized, and the result somewhat of a shock, but does it actually mean anything?

From 2G to 5G: a complex evolution for operators

The introduction of LTE means that operators have to run multiple networks in parallel: the circuit-switch network for 2G, 3G and the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to support voice, video and messaging on the LTE network.


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