Three UK recruits Game of Thrones star for war on blackspots

UK operator Three seems to have recovered its sense of humour enough to recruit Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams to spearhead its new war on mobile blackspots.

Riffing on the potential double meaning of the term Fairness Ambassador Williams laments the blight indoor blackspots have had on her life, noting that being a teenager is hard enough without such additional trauma.

Shot in the style of the most vacuous teen-targeted beauty product advert, Williams takes us on a journey through her personal hell, in which her confidence was so shattered by blackspots that she couldn’t even leave the house and had to rely on her pet tortoise for solace. Watching her break down into spontaneous tears as she relives her pain, it’s hard not to be moved.

But pausing only to exchange the morose background music for an upbeat, empowering anthem. Williams decided to take back control by moving to 4G Super-Voice from Three. The obligatory science bit features Three phone-atologists applying unique wall-going-through to fight blackspots at their root.

“Once she had no friends and no stylist and by age 11 she still didn’t have a job,” we’re told. “Now she’s a global superstar, mercilessly hounded by paps.” And she owes it all to 4G Super-Voice. You can see the full ad below – inspiring stuff.

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