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A Week In Wireless – Windows of opportunity

Having been the boring, suffocating monolith of world business for so long Microsoft these days is more of a plucky pretender in many of its areas of business, especially mobile.

A Week In Wireless – A hacking affair

“Ottawa’s the city that fun forgot,” said a probably nervous native of the Canadian city during an interview with the Guardian, read by a mildly entertained Informer while following the fallout from yet another corporate hacking saga this week.

A Week In Wireless – Brand news

The power of the brand was firmly to the fore this week as labels from the present and past made their presence felt in the mobile world.

A Week in Wireless – Droning on

The Informer was pleasantly surprised when an article written by one of his colleagues at went borderline viral this week. Well, as viral as a niched B2B article about telecoms network testing can get, but a win’s a win.

A Week in Wireless – Too much Europe

The M and A frenzy of recent months seems have gone off the boil, presumably to allow all the company lawyers to take their new yachts in their maiden voyages. But in less than interesting times you can always count on Europe to come up with something.

A Week in Wireless – Dropping the ball

There’s something immensely gratifying about the ability of even the largest and most imperious of corporations to totally drop the ball from time to time.

A Week In Wireless – Who watches the watchmen?

The overarching theme of the modern tech industry is ubiquity – IoT, big data, the next billion, etc – but inevitably this brings with it concerns about the consequences of everyone being constantly connected and everything being ‘smart’.

A Week In Wireless – Internet of Next Big Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is getting a lot of exposure these days but it’s hardly a new one. In fact the Informer was surprised to discover the term was coined back in 1999.

A Week In Wireless – Who benefits from M&A?

It has been another busy week on the corporate shopping front, with publishing acquisition stories featuring BT, Orange, Altice and HP, but how many of these deals will end in tears?

A Week In Wireless – Mobile munchies

The Informer was delighted to make the acquaintance of a new app this week: Just Eat. While takeaway apps are not so new, the Informer had previously been stuck in the stone-aged ‘look at printed menu then phone in your order’ era, for which he is utterly ashamed.

A Week In Wireless – Echo chambers

It takes a lot to rouse the Informer from his entrenched indifference towards party politics, but the surprise result of the UK general election today is threatening to do just that.

A Week In Wireless – Raging election

The Informer was delighted to see shareholder democracy in such rude health at the recent BT general meeting. With the former telco monopolist about to make one of the biggest bets in its history it seemed only fair for its management to consult the people who own it – the shareholders.

A Week In Wireless – Calamitous quarterlies

Quarterly earnings season is always fun, sort of. Last quarter the Informer noted the strange parallel world in which massive profits can still be greeted with hysterical despair if they should happen to fall short of market expectations.

A Week in Wireless – Bored games

In the early 1900s, a board game called Monopoly emerged which intended to demonstrate the evils of land ownership. Screwing over one’s rivals, stifling competition and rinsing as much money out of customers as possible became the premise of the game. A game beloved the world over by millions of children and adults alike.

A Week in Wireless – First world problems

Many of the things that regularly anger and frustrate the Informer would doubtless be considered trivial or even inconsequential by most other people, especially those with real problems. The Informer is not alone in acknowledging this sort of thing and the current trend is to categorise relatively minor issues as ‘first world problems’. These range […]

A Week In Wireless – The perils of socialism

Ha! You thought the Informer had come over all political and was about to subject you to a Farage-esque rant about the pernicious State. You will be relieved to hear, dear long-suffering reader, that the Informer thinks socialism has done a perfectly good job of undermining itself over the years and needs no further lampooning here. This week’s column refers instead to the growing influence of social media.

A Week in Wireless – Brand matters

This week French operator Orange unveiled a frenzy of corporate tweaking, re-aligning and general mucking about. Now only did we get a new strategic plan, but Orange also proudly announced its brand is “evolving”.

A Week in Wireless – Mobile Eureka moments

The scene of everyone tinkering constantly with their phones or tablets is now so commonplace that we don’t even give it a second thought. Referring to our phones for all manner of things is now so instinctive we do so even during the most minor hiatus, such as TV ads or your friend going to the bar to get a round in.

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