Identifying and Eliminating Interference in Mobile Networks


Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Broadcast time variations: 3pm CET (Paris) / 9am EST (New York)

This webinar will examine the different sources of interference in mobile networks and consider their impact on capacity and subscriber Quality of Experience. The focus will be on external interference, and how to identify, locate and eliminate it. Real network measurement data will be shared and a definitive procedure for interference hunting including demonstrations of test equipment in field use provided.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  • The various sources of interference and their impact on network performance
  • The definitive procedure for identifying, locating and eliminating external interference
  • Best practice for new network deployments, baselining, refarming and spectrum clearing
  • Understand the test equipment options available and their appropriate usage


Paul Denisowski, Applications Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz America
Peter Busch, Sales Manager, Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing
Tim Skinner, Head of Intelligence, Telecoms.com

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