Progress Report: Where are the CSPs with the Digital Service Provider transformation?

For years, the industry has been buzzing about the network, operations, and services transformation needed to survive in this rapidly evolving telecommunications industry.

But what are the CSPs actually doing? Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) partnered with Coleman Parkes to answer this question by conducting a global survey of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to understand where they are in their transformation journey, their priorities, their strategies, and their ideal partners.

Join HPE and Coleman Parks on this telecoms.com webinar where we share the results and answer your questions about where we are in this journey, and what strategies the CSPs are actually adopting.

Webinar Speakers:

Bala Thekkedath, Director of Marketing, Telecommunications at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Stephen Saw, Associate Director, Coleman Parkes
Tim Skinner, Head of Intelligence, Telecoms.com

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