Accelerating Digital Transformation for Service Providers

Competitive pressures are mounting for service providers, making digital transformation an increasingly urgent imperative. This paper analyzes the state of the industry and offers a path for providers to transform in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of today’s connected subscriber.

In the paper, Sue Rudd, Director of Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics, gives her take on the competitive landscape, breaks down changing subscriber needs and compares different approaches to solving the digital transformation challenge.

Read the paper to understand how service providers can transform into Digital Service Providers to deliver higher-value solutions that offer subscribers superior performance, security and user control.

Readers will:

  • Learn about the top seven capabilities providers deem necessary to deliver enhanced digital service experiences for their subscribers.
  • Understand how Doman Name System (DNS) technology is moving from a network utility function to an active, intelligent resource that accelerates personalized service creation and enhances the online subscriber experience.
  • See a comparison of different approaches for digital transformation including DNS, DPI and Cloud OTT.

About the author:

Sue Rudd, Director of Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics, is responsible for forecasting broadband network capacity, OPEX, CAPEX and service profitability for fixed and mobile service providers as prices, features and service bundles change and as broadband traffic explodes. She has consulted to multiple wireless operators and regulated Incumbent U.S. Telcos on business and regulatory cases.

She brings to Strategy Analytics a unique range of 20+ years experience across wireless, telephony and internet services.

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