intelligence IoT Outlook Report 2016

The 2016 IoT Outlook report is now available to download.

This free report, published by Intelligence, analyses and presents the findings of an in-depth questionnaire answered by 900 members of the telecoms industry involved with IoT today.

Included in the report are six sections, including:

  • Navigating the IoT Landscape
  • Cloud Platforms for IoT
  • Optimising IoT Connectivity
  • Securing the IoT
  • Industrial IoT
  • Consumer IoT

The report yields some very interesting results, many of which indicate the foundations of a promising road ahead being built, with many technological and business factors being addressed and resolved today.

We hope you find this useful as you continue your IoT journey.

Download your copy of the report here.

Please fill in the short form below to receive a copy of the IoT Outlook 2016 Report - Fields labelled with * are mandatory. By downloading this report may share your details with sponsors of the report and use your information to send you targeted promotions. You can opt out of these at any time.
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