The African Market Outlook 2016

The African Market Outlook is now available for download

This free report, published by Intelligence, analyses and presents the findings of an in-depth questionnaire answered by nearly 150 operators from the African market involved with a variety of areas relating to mobile across the continent.

Included in the report are three distinct areas related to African Market:

  • How pre-pay churn is forcing a rethink of CEM strategies
  • Boosting 4G uptake
  • The opportunities that exist in the African market

The report yields some very interesting results, many of which indicate the foundations of a promising road ahead being built, with many technological and business factors being addressed and resolved today.

We hope you find this useful in assessing the African landscape.

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  1. Avatar Peter Fasan 22/01/2017 @ 4:03 pm

    Agreed, there is much scope for development on the African content, the question is whether these new technologies (4G, 5G, IoT, M2M, etc.) can be leveraged to accelerate such development in areas such as education, healthcare, agriculture, energy and commerce, to name a few. Some traditional models need to be overthrown, and innovations that generate greater efficiencies in delivering these services need encouragement and support. However, any attempt to “overthrow” tradition is bound to meet some pushback, as this will disrupt the operations and hurt the revenue of some key stakeholders…

    • Tim Skinner Tim Skinner 23/01/2017 @ 11:26 am

      Your point on ensuring accelerated growth across multiple verticals is absolutely spot on. I was at an event called AfricaCom in Cape Town last November, and one speaker said there are over 500 million African citizens who still don’t have access to basic electricity. There are reasons to be extremely optimistic, as the handset market in Africa has overtaken North America in terms of sheer size – but it needs to be one step at a time, and making sure that every African can get online, and not just excellent connectivity for the few.

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